Pastor of Christian Bible Church in Cissna Park, Illinois.

Loves to teach the Bible, lives to preach the gospel.

Kari’s husband.

Graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Proud Ohio native. O H

Pastor. Writer. Thinker. Sports fan. Amateur photographer.


4 replies

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Josh! Care to send me any deets on how this all came about?

    • Thanks so much! Very excited.Met her online (just like everyone meets these days). She actually just moved up here to Minnesota from Georgia. We’ve been getting to know each other for several months. Happy with how things have gone. Getting married October 28 in Columbus.

  2. A birthday wedding, eh? A big bash or just family and friends? Does she have a job up there yet? I O
    How ’bout those Lions?

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