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What do you do with an empty tomb?

What do you do with an empty tomb? On Friday, a man had been put in there. On Sunday, it was empty. Why? Was it that he had merely been badly wounded but didn’t die? […]

The American Gospel and the meaning of Easter

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Statistically, we know that the vast majority of Americans believe in some form of a higher power. There are relatively few who are atheists. Since people do believe that there is something, and since it’s so easy to think of the majority of Americans as Christians, many simply attach themselves to Christianity.

But what does it mean? Christianity?

For so many, we call ourselves Christians but then never pray, or read the Bible, or go to church, or experience fellowship with other believers, or show any actual desire to have a relationship with Jesus. Without these, how can a person be Christian?

Is the entire Bible too epic for one miniseries?

Last night, the History Channel premiered a new series entitled “The Bible” which is a five part series which will be airing on Sunday nights until Easter. The series covers the Biblical narrative.

Regardless of a person’s religious sensibilities, the Bible is the most influential book in the history of humanity. Its impacts on ethics, culture, literature, art, and a host of other areas of life cannot be overstated. For that reason, to be a well rounded person, I think its positive to be more familiar with that book. And I wouldn’t discourage anyone from watching.

That being said, I do feel that there are a number of significant detractions from this series. Let me try to illustrate this point. What are some of the great, epic “Christian” movies of all time?

Former Ohio governor misquotes Bible, criticizes Romney

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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has come under fire at the Democratic National Convention for investing abroad. Yesterday, Ted Strickland, the former governor of my home state of Ohio used the Bible in his criticism of Romney.

Strickland said:

Mitt Romney has so little economic patriotism that even his money needs a passport. It summers on the beaches of the Cayman Islands and winters on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. In Matthew, chapter 6, verse 21, the scriptures teach us that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. My friends, any man who aspires to be our president should keep both his treasure and his heart in the United States of America. … Barack Obama is betting on the American worker. Mitt Romney is betting on a Bermuda shell corporation. Barack Obama saved the American auto industry. Mitt Romney saved on his taxes. Barack Obama is an economic patriot. Mitt Romney is an outsourcing pioneer.