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We can complain and know that others have it worse

There’s a meme that I’ve seen on social media that criticizes complaining about the surging gas prices in lights of the sufferings of the Ukrainian people. The meme says: “Instead of complaining about gas prices […]

Couple sells everything to buy boat: it sinks on day 2 of journey to Caribbean

I’ve been struck by this story of two people who lived in Colorado. They quit their jobs, sold all they had, and used that money to buy (and fix up) a boat. This was to pursue a dream of living at sea and sailing the Caribbean.
The dream was short-lived though, and on their second day at sea, the boat sank. They escaped the wreck with their lives, their dog, a cell phone, and $90 to their names.

The misery of politics 

I think essentially all Americans would sincerely like other people to be happy. Even people who we don’t know and with whom we will never have any interactions, I think we would still like those individuals to have happy and fulfilled lives.

Everyone wants what’s best. It’s just that there is disagreement on the best way to get there. The 2016 election was hard fought, and often times ugly. I had hoped that there would be a period of calm afterwards, but things have seemed to get even worse since the election. 
The hatred and disdain that politics brings out towards our friends, our relatives, our neighbors is unfortunate.