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Life lessons from baseball

Today is the opening day for the 2023 Major League Baseball season. Between opening day and the end of the season in early November, more than 2,430 games will be played. Baseball’s regular season is […]

Super Bowl commercial takes page from C.S. Lewis

In “//” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The Four Loves,” scholar, author and renowned Christian apologist C.S. Lewis talks of the four words for love in the Greek language. During this year’s Super Bowl, New York Life, an insurance company borrowed that idea and gave a pretty good explanation of the four loves.

The commercial begins “the ancient Greeks had four words for love” and then goes onto explain:

Philia: the type of love among friends.

Storge: which refers to familial love.

Eros: Romantic love.

Agape: Agape love is meant to talk of an enduring love which exists regardless of circumstances. It’s a selfless love. It’s charity. It’s altruism. It’s love where it doesn’t necessarily benefit you.