New Book “You Are Not So Smart” explains why our sense of self and the world isn’t what we tell ourselves it is

Photo by LOLren, and used in conjunction with Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo from Flickr Creative Commons

For the last couple months, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new book “You Are Not So Smart” by David McRaney, author of the fantastic blog of the same name,

Thoughts on Turning 26

I haven’t spent too much time thinking about my birthday this year. Certainly a far cry from a year ago, when I had what could be called a quarter life crisis in anticipation for my 25th birthday.

25 was a really difficult age for me to turn. When you’re 25, you can no longer pretend that you’re still in your early twenties.

25 years old…That’s like. An adult.

Ohio State – Illinois: Notes and Thoughts

It was unbelievable. For the whole game, the Ohio State offense had one play that was working: halfback lead draw. For the whole game, Illinois struggled to stop it.

Earlier this season, when Ohio State completed a laughable four passes in a loss at Miami, I remember thinking, “Wow… Those are passing stats from the 1930s, not 2011… I’m sure I’ll never see that happen again in a Buckeye game.”

Ohio State – Nebraska: Notes and Thoughts

It was unbelievable.

The Ohio State offense had been everything Buckeye fans have wanted it to be. Nebraksa had no answers for Braxton Miller. Into the third quarter of the game, the offense had been beautifully orchestrated. Short passes; passing on early downs; misdirection; and, on a few broken plays, Braxton Miller was able to pick up yards on the ground. Everything was going right when the Buckeyes took a 27-6 lead in the third quarter.