Why both parties are so useless when it comes to fixing the economy

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Throughout the last several weeks, I see a constant stream of news stories about the state of the economy of various European countries. The whole continent is in a crisis with over a dozen countries on the brink of having their credit ratings lowered. Cities all over the United States and across the world have had the highly publicized Occupy protests.

Here in America, in the coming years, government programs such as social security, health care, welfare, and a host of others are going to continue to cost this country trillions of dollars that we do not have.

With the Occupy protests, one of the significant beliefs is that the rich need to be paying more in taxes.

Why Robert Griffin’s Heisman was obscure, unlikely, historic

On Saturday night, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was awarded the 77th annual Heisman Trophy. Griffin’s win was an historical anomaly, and there were a number of unique factors which led to Griffin being the ultimate winner of the award.

My purpose is not to say whether or not Griffin was the most deserving player. I am attempting to show why Griffin’s win was a once in a generation type of event.

Why I wish that 104.9 the River would stop playing Christmas music!

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104.9 The River is an FM radio station in Columbus that plays contemporary Christian music. It is focused on being uplifting, encouraging, and family friendly. I like the station, and I appreciate what they do.

With all of that being said, I really, really wish they would stop playing Christmas music.

Urban Meyer Press Conference: Notes and Thoughts

“Those players didn’t choose me. I chose them,” it was towards the end of Urban Meyer’s introductory press conference as the 24th head football coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. A profound vote of confidence for this team and where he thinks they could go.

The Team

It was a sentiment that was reiterated by Meyer several times during his press conference. An expectation to bring this team back to prominence.