#5 – Justification for favoring the death penalty and being pro life

As 2011 comes to an end, I am reposting some of my favorite pieces of the year. In this post, I discuss politics and views on life. Originally published September 19.

Read a couple of interesting articles last week in the Washington Post. Both discuss the death penalty. The first article, “Like Rick Perry, most ‘pro-life’ Americans OK with death penalty” looks at how politically conservative Americans are overwhelmingly pro-life, and also, overwhelmingly in favor of capital punishment.

The second article, titled “American Christians and the Death Penalty” is an opinion piece by the highly regarded British New Testament Scholar; N.T. Wright. Both articles attempt to point to a contradiction between holding a favorable view towards capital punishment while also being pro life.

Reaction to NCAA sanctions against Ohio State

I have been critical of the way in which Ohio State handled the tatoo scandal, and I said that Tressel needed to resign a month before he actually did it, so I’m not one to give the Bucks a free pass. That being said, I feel that giving the team a bowl ban for next season is an excessive penalty. The guilty players were caught while still in school and were severely punished for what they did.

Why both parties are so useless when it comes to fixing the economy

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Throughout the last several weeks, I see a constant stream of news stories about the state of the economy of various European countries. The whole continent is in a crisis with over a dozen countries on the brink of having their credit ratings lowered. Cities all over the United States and across the world have had the highly publicized Occupy protests.

Here in America, in the coming years, government programs such as social security, health care, welfare, and a host of others are going to continue to cost this country trillions of dollars that we do not have.

With the Occupy protests, one of the significant beliefs is that the rich need to be paying more in taxes.