75 years later – Owens’ Olympics and revisionist history

75 years ago today, Jesse Owens won his fourth and final Gold Medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, something which would not be duplicated in track and field until the 1984 games by Carl Lewis. As amazing as this athletic feet was, it is arguably just the second most impressive thing which Owens ever accomplished. In 1935, he broke three world records in a span of 45 minutes, quite possibly the most impressive athletic accomplishment of all time.

Similarities between Mormons and Muslims

Considering that political commentator Bill Maher theologically describes himself as an apatheist (someone apathetic towards theism), I rarely agree with his views. Last week, while talking about Mitt Romney, he stated that Mormonism has more in common with Islam than it does with Christianity. This is a view with which I have agreed for some time.