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Doritos under fire for humanizing humans


The above Super Bowl commercial for Doritos which depicts a man and woman viewing a sonogram, as the man is eating the corn chips. The fetus becomes aware of the chips and reacts, the man’s amusement. Eventually in frustration, the mother grabs the chip and throws it to the ground. And the baby forces himself or herself out of the womb.

It’s silly. Not the funniest commercial ever. But it attracted the ire of NARAL, a women’s rights organization who promotes a pro-choice ideology.

Planned Parenthood on the defensive, another video released

The Center for Medical Progress has released another video of a higher up with Planned Parenthood discussing sales of fetal tissue.

With the first video, Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards was quick to dismiss the footage, attacking the organization. She states, “The allegation that Planned Parenthood profits in any way from tissue donation is not true.”

Since the release of Richards’ statement, that has been largely accepted. People argue this video is taken out of context. Planned Parenthood is merely selling fetal tissues, which is legal. The only reason they’re discussing money is to cover storing and sending the materials.

Cleveland kidnapper, capital punishment, and abortion

Ariel Castro
Ariel Castro

It’s interesting to me that the death penalty might be sought for Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro because he allegedly forced miscarriages on his captive victims, and that can be considered murder. If a woman chooses to terminate her own pregnancy, that is an abortion. If someone causes the pregnancy to be lost against the mother’s will, it’s murder. That idea is paradoxical. I don’t see how a fetus can be “murdered” if it doesn’t have a right to live in the first place. Because, for the fetus, what difference does it make? If someone assaulted your mother and caused the pregnancy to be lost, as a fetus, you were murdered? But if she made the decision, it was something else?