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Wait, so we had guns going to Mexico? Fast and Furious explained

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and property of the USDAgov

We keep seeing reports of this “Fast and Furious” story. What are we to make of it?

Guns were being sent into Mexico.

The republicans want answers. The democrats view this as a witch hunt and the republicans merely playing politics.

Wait a minute. WHY were guns going into Mexico?

Obama has used the executive privilege to withold documents, congress has voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt. Yet others say that this really started during the Bush administration and that this is a costly waste of time.

So let me get this straight. WERE guns going into Mexico?

President’s surprise trip to Afghanistan: how Twitter almost blew his cover

I originally read about this on Mashable

Usually when the president travels somewhere, the trip is known about in advance and his arrival is highly anticipated. Even when the president travels overseas, these visits are typically public knowledge. Today, President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on the one year anniversary of Navy SEALS killing Osama bin Laden.

A journalist in Afghanistan reported having seen Air Force One and took to twitter. Soon, American journalists caught wind of this and started reporting of the unannounced visit. As Mashale noted, Josh Hirsch from Huffington Post was the first: