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Why the Dark Knight Rises sucked

I realize that this movie came out over a month ago, but I finally saw the Dark Knight Rises this weekend. As I was sitting in the theater, throughout the movie, I found myself thinking, “This isn’t very good…Actually, this is pretty stupid..”

I understood that the movie wasn’t going to be realistic. It’s an action movie. But even if the movie is unrealistic, I still expect people to do things that seem somewhat logical. Throughout this movie, characters continually did things that made no sense and this really ruined the film for me. There were some areas where it was just too difficult to suspend belief.

Tragedy, liberty, and the firearms debate

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I don’t own a gun and I’ve never shot a gun. But I also do believe in liberty.

I read a piece in the New Yorker this afternoon by Adam Gopnik. He discussed last night’s horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. In a number of ways, I found the column to be little more than emotionally charged anti-gun rhetoric. It included statements like: “Make sure that guns designed for no reason save to kill people are freely available to anyone who wants one.”

Colorado Tragedy: Dark Knight Rises Massacre

12 deaths. For what? People have issues, and people have problems but it is so unfathomable to me that a person could be filled with so much hatred that they would take out that rage on strangers.

Because it’s not just 12 deaths. It’s 12 families who have to live with that death every day of the rest of their lives. It’s the hundreds of family members and friends of these 12 victims who were living a normal day on Thursday and now have their world’s turned upside down on Friday. It’s about the parents who lost their son or daughter, the husbands or wife who lost a spouse, and the sibling who lost a brother or sister. These people are now forced to suffer life sentences, living with the death of those they loved, and it is the fault of one man. How could someone inflict such a lifetime of pain on so many people? How in the world does a person have this type of hatred? Obviously he was very disturbed.