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Ohio State dominates Wolverines in “The Game”

Easily their best game since USC last year, but this game reminds me more of the 2014 Wisconsin game. Playing a good team, playing as an underdog, and just imposing their will. Dominating the game […]

Life lesson for Wolverines

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When I was in seminary, I had a professor who was one of the best New Testament scholars in the world (D.A. Carson). He would give us these Bible quizzes that were RIDICULOUS. He’d ask totally obscure questions. Most people hated them. Dr. Carson wasn’t empathetic when one day he said “life is hard and then you die, get used to it.”

Thoughts on Ohio State and the Big Ten Championship


So excited to be in Indianapolis to see the Buckeyes play in the Big Ten Championship game tonight.

Regardless of what happens, I’m so proud of this team. In my lifetime as a Buckeye fan, from start to finish, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one team improve so much. They’ve been a fun group to watch and it’s exciting that they’re still so young.

Defense has given up too many yards the last few weeks. I think that they’ll have a defensive game plan setup to stopping Gordon. He’ll still get his yards, but as long as he’s not busting huge plays on them, I think they’ll be fine. I could see Ohio State doing a lot to load the box which will create one on one matchups in the secondary. But it’s crucial to focus on what Wisconsin does best and doing your best to slow that down. Another key is simply wrapping Gordon up. Might seem obvious but I feel defensive backs often times try to just knock a guy down. That won’t typically work on Gordon. He has great balance, speed, and power.

Bielema to Arkansas: poor career choice?

It has been announced today that Bret Bielema is the next head football coach at the University of Arkansas.

I did not see that one coming.

For Bielema, from a football perspective, I feel that this move makes no sense. He has led the Badgers to three consecutive Rose Bowls and has led a respectable program. With Penn State irrelevant due to NCAA sanctions, the only major competition in the near future in Wisconsin’s division is Ohio State.