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Ohio State – Florida: Notes and Thoughts

It was so metaphorical. The two offensive turnovers for Ohio State came from seniors Daniel Herron and DeVier Posey. They were two players who contributed to the tattoo scandal, and whose suspensions were extended past their initial penalties when news of further NCAA rules violations came to light.
It was their actions that helped contribute to the Ohio State bowl ban for next season. As they each fumbled offensive possessions away, they were assisting in giving up this bowl game, just as their rules violations helped to give up next year’s bowl game. Continue reading “Ohio State – Florida: Notes and Thoughts”

Why Robert Griffin’s Heisman was obscure, unlikely, historic

On Saturday night, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III was awarded the 77th annual Heisman Trophy. Griffin’s win was an historical anomaly, and there were a number of unique factors which led to Griffin being the ultimate winner of the award.

My purpose is not to say whether or not Griffin was the most deserving player. I am attempting to show why Griffin’s win was a once in a generation type of event.
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Ohio State – Michigan: Notes and Thoughts

Michigan fans should be proud that the maize and blue won this afternoon, but Ohio State took this game to the wire. I think the way Ohio State battled throughout today’s game is commendable. It was a good, hard fought football game.

At times during today’s game, Michigan seemed on the verge of pulling ahead and taking total control of this game. At other points, the two offenses slugged it out like two heavyweight boxers.

Michigan had scored. I thought that was all she wrote, as it was late in the fourth quarter, and the Wolverines had just capped off an impressive drive. But the call would end up being reversed. The Michigan runner just shy of the goal line. Continue reading “Ohio State – Michigan: Notes and Thoughts”

I love Ohio State; BUT I Think It’s Michigan’s Year To End Streak

Michigan fans are chomping at the bit for tomorrow’s home game against Ohio State. The time seems right for Michigan to finally take the archival Buckeyes down for the first time since 2003.

2003! Facebook didn’t exist yet and George W. Bush was still in his first term as president.

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Ohio State – Penn State: Notes and Thoughts

Ohio State was doomed. After taking the ball with bad field position, they ran a 2nd down play out of the Wildcat formation where running back Jordan Hall took the snap, and went to hand off to senior running back Daniel Herron. The hand off was mishandled, the ball hit the ground, a Penn State defensive linemen fell on the ball, and Penn State suddenly had possession of the ball on the OSU 11 yard line.

“Ohio State is doomed,” I found myself thinking. There was 8:07 left in the third quarter, the offense had struggled, and Penn State led 20-14. One more score, and the Bucks were going to be hard pressed to get themselves back into the game. Continue reading “Ohio State – Penn State: Notes and Thoughts”

Ohio State – Purdue: Notes and Thoughts

I believed in him. Ohio State had struggled to move the ball with a passing game which was as bad as usual and a running game that was never able to get going. Despite all of that, late in the fourth quarter the Bucks took the ball in good field position, trailing by only six.

As the team drove, it wasn’t pretty, but I believed in the ability of freshman quarterback Braxton Miller to lead the offense down the field.

I believed that the magician could pull the rabbit out of his hat. The offense moved with a different swagger on that drive.

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Ohio State – Indiana: Notes and Thoughts

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

It was only a matter of time.

“It was only a matter of time, ” I thought, “until Indiana goes back to being Indiana.” But the Hoosiers kept finding ways to keep today’s game competitive. Much closer than I ever thought it would have been.
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