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Incredible story: 13 year-old Jayme Closs escapes abductor, finds help 3 months after parents murdered

I’ve read autobiographies of people who have survived the Holocaust and escaped form North Korea. They’re harrowing stories. They’re heartbreaking stories.

But in another sense, they’re inspiring stories, because in them, you see the triumph of the human spirit. They’re inspiring because you see what people are capable of and what true toughness and grit looks like.

Great American evangelist Billy Graham dies at 99

In an era when so many churches are rocked by sin and scandal, Billy Graham was respected by both Christians and non-christians for his integrity.

In an era where sexual harassment is rampant in seemingly every sphere of life, Billy Graham vowed to never spend time alone with a woman who was not his wife, mother, or daughter.

In an era where many of our most famous pastors live in mansions, Billy Graham vowed to not live lavishly.