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Oklahoma single mother kills intruder in self defense and why it shows the justification for capital punishment

Sarah McKinley, an 18 year old Oklahoma woman whose husband died from cancer on Christmas day found herself in a dangerous situation as two men (one of whom had a large hunting knife) tried to break into her house. When the first man finally broke in, Ms McKinley shot him.

Most people would agree that she was justified in her actions.

Justification for Favoring the Death Penalty and Being Pro Life

Read a couple of interesting articles last week in the Washington Post. Both discuss the death penalty. The first article, “Like Rick Perry, most ‘pro-life’ Americans OK with death penalty” looks at how politically conservative Americans are overwhelmingly pro-life, and also, overwhelmingly in favor of capital punishment.

The second article, titled “American Christians and the Death Penalty” is an opinion piece by the highly regarded British New Testament Scholar; N.T. Wright. Both articles attempt to point to a contradiction between holding a favorable view towards capital punishment while also being pro life.