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The virtue signal of all virtue signals: liberals compare themselves to heroes of all past generations

Last week, legal scholar and philosopher Robert George had a thought-provoking series of Tweets on how people today would have responded to historical events had they lived through them.   George says:  “I sometimes ask students what […]

Colorado baker who refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake now has to defend himself for not baking a gender transition cake

Few people can say that they’ve had a case go to the Supreme Court. Jack Phillips can. He’s the Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple in 2012. The couple took this to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission who ruled in favor of the couple.

According to the Supreme Court, the case addressed whether Colorado’s public accommodations law “violates the First Amendment as applied to an individual who declines to design and create custom wedding cakes for same-sex wedding celebrations that violate his sincerely held religious beliefs.”

In a 7-2 ruling, the court ruled in favor of Phillips.