Hypocrites in church isn’t the issue. Faithless pseudo-Christians are the issue.

A lot of people don’t want to be in a church because?

Because the church is full of?


Churches are filled with hypocrites.

I argue that churches aren’t so much full of hypocrites but churches are full of people who aren’t really Christians.

And the hypocrisy people complain about, certainly not always, but the wickedness that too often happens in churches comes from people who are not really walking with Jesus. Just saying you’re a Christian doesn’t make it so. The gospel necessarily results in a transformed life. You don’t have Jesus come into your life without being impacted by that.

There are people who are calling upon the Lord who will not be with him in heaven. Not because Jesus lacks grace, but because there are people who are insincere and disingenuous about their faith. And while that might fool relatives and the people here at church, that will not fool an all knowing God.