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Sermon: the cross and the liars – Galatians 6:11-18

In this final section of the Book of Galatians, Paul will return to the theme which has dominated every verse of this book: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this passage, Paul will look at […]

The cross of Christ shows us the cost of sin

Originally published May 1, 2018
We have a sinfully low view of sin.
We cannot overestimate the weight of sin when we see the cost of sin on the cross.
None of us lives up even to our own moral standards. Do you ever get mad and you regret it? Ever yell at someone and wish you hadn’t? Ever look at something and feel shame for it? Ever tell a lie or bend the truth and wish you could have it back? Ever manipulate people to get your own way? Ever do something where you know deep down it’s not what you should have done?
Of course you have.