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The most expensive medicine ever approved

I heard a fascinating story from NPR last week. The Federal Drug Administration recently approved a new gene therapy that has a whopping $2.125 million dollar price tag. It’s the most expensive drug on the market.

The gene therapy is a treatment for a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). According to the NPR story, SMA is “a rare disorder caused by a defective gene; the illness destroys the nerves that control muscles. Babies with the most severe form of the disorder typically don’t live past their second birthday.”

Why both parties are so useless when it comes to fixing the economy

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Throughout the last several weeks, I see a constant stream of news stories about the state of the economy of various European countries. The whole continent is in a crisis with over a dozen countries on the brink of having their credit ratings lowered. Cities all over the United States and across the world have had the highly publicized Occupy protests.

Here in America, in the coming years, government programs such as social security, health care, welfare, and a host of others are going to continue to cost this country trillions of dollars that we do not have.

With the Occupy protests, one of the significant beliefs is that the rich need to be paying more in taxes.

Why Do You Vote How You Vote? And How Do You Know You’re Right? Why I Don’t Vote

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We live in a society that values rational, linear arguments. We like to hear arguments and opposing arguments. Based on those arguments, we form objective opinions. Right? I believe it’s the other way around. I think it is that we have opinions and then we adopt arguments that coincide with what we already believe.

Be honest, if you research an issue, are you seeking the truth however it is? Or are you going in with what you think the truth is, and just looking for things that support what you already think? In most instances, I think this is how we are.