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Religious leaders sue in Florida arguing that having abortion is an issue of religious liberty

The Washington Post has an article about a group of religious leaders in Florida who are suing the state over abortion restrictions with the argument that it violates their religious freedom.  Florida’s new abortion laws […]

Couple sells everything to buy boat: it sinks on day 2 of journey to Caribbean

I’ve been struck by this story of two people who lived in Colorado. They quit their jobs, sold all they had, and used that money to buy (and fix up) a boat. This was to pursue a dream of living at sea and sailing the Caribbean.
The dream was short-lived though, and on their second day at sea, the boat sank. They escaped the wreck with their lives, their dog, a cell phone, and $90 to their names.

Rape investigation botched: more evidence that little was done to investigate Jameis Winston

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Going back to football season, I had paid attention to the alleged sexual assault committed by Florida State star quarterback Jameis Winston. Something always seemed off about the case.

Today, the New York Times has an investigative piece by Walt Bogdanich which explains the situation and the chain of events.

I realize that we are innocent until proven guilty. I’m not saying that I’m so certain that Winston is absolutely guilty. But this article confirms the gut feeling I had from everything else I’ve ever read about this alleged crime: That the university and the city police department did very little to get to the bottom of this case when the allegations were originally made.

Here are a few noteworthy pieces of information pertaining to the initial investigation: