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The thrill of victory, the excuses of defeat


I’ve seen articles from several of the leading sports websites talking about last night’s college football national championship game.

The argument goes that Alabama benefited from poor officiating. Continue reading “The thrill of victory, the excuses of defeat”

Harbaugh, practice film: what sportsmanship is and isn’t

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons @Eric Upchurch


Last weekend, the college football season began as Hawaii and Cal played a game in Sydney, Australia.

This week, Cal is off while Hawaii plays in Ann Arbor, MI against the Wolverines.

For the Wolverines, they’ve had a chance to see Hawaii play a game. Hawaii enters this game with no such luxury and asked Wolverine coach Jim Harbuagh for film of an inner squad scrimmage. Continue reading “Harbaugh, practice film: what sportsmanship is and isn’t”

2015 National championship preview

I was pretty confident that Ohio State was going to beat Alabama. To me, Oregon is much more of a toss up. But I look at the Bucks and I can’t count them out. This team is special. They have great chemistry. Guys have stepped up when they’ve needed to. Continue reading “2015 National championship preview”

Sugar Bowl preview

12 years ago this week, Ohio State played the national championship game against a Miami team that everyone thought would win. The Hurricanes looked invincible, coming into the game on a 34 game winning streak. The Buckeyes were 13 point underdogs but managed to be competitive where they pulled it off in overtime.

When a team spends weeks hearing that they can’t win a game, I think that it can be helpful to the psyche of a team (especially a team who is unfamiliar being an underdog). Ohio State has as much talent as Alabama, they’ve won 12 straight games, have one of the best offenses in the country. And yet, people talk about this game as if it’s a foregone conclusion that the tide will roll. Continue reading “Sugar Bowl preview”

Thoughts on Ohio State and the Big Ten Championship


So excited to be in Indianapolis to see the Buckeyes play in the Big Ten Championship game tonight.

Regardless of what happens, I’m so proud of this team. In my lifetime as a Buckeye fan, from start to finish, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one team improve so much. They’ve been a fun group to watch and it’s exciting that they’re still so young.

Defense has given up too many yards the last few weeks. I think that they’ll have a defensive game plan setup to stopping Gordon. He’ll still get his yards, but as long as he’s not busting huge plays on them, I think they’ll be fine. I could see Ohio State doing a lot to load the box which will create one on one matchups in the secondary. But it’s crucial to focus on what Wisconsin does best and doing your best to slow that down. Another key is simply wrapping Gordon up. Might seem obvious but I feel defensive backs often times try to just knock a guy down. That won’t typically work on Gordon. He has great balance, speed, and power. Continue reading “Thoughts on Ohio State and the Big Ten Championship”

Why Northern Illinois should not play in the BCS

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit has come under criticism for saying that Norther Illinois does not belong in a BCS bowl game.

They became eligible after winning the Mid American Conference and finishing ranked in the top 16.

For conferences who do not automatically qualify for the BCS, teams become eligible for one of the ten slots in BCS bowl games by being ranked in the top 16 at the end of the regular season. Continue reading “Why Northern Illinois should not play in the BCS”

The one game season: and OSU football 2012

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’ve never made excuses for Ohio State’s rules violations in 2010. Tressel needed to be out when everything came to light. The players who broke the rules were allowed to play in the 2011 Sugar Bowl after it had been known that they had sold memorabilia. Their suspensions were moved to the beginning ofthe 2011 season. Some of the players had suspensions increased for additional violations. Terrelle Pryor left the program. For the other players, they served their suspensions and returned to the field. They were able to play in last year’s bowl against Florida. Continue reading “The one game season: and OSU football 2012”