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Cal student withholds support for transgenderism. People lose their minds


Isabella Chow is a student at University of California, Berkley. She serves on the Associated Students University of California, the university’s undergraduate student government. Recently, the student government voted on resolutions which condemned Trump Administration policies regarding Title IX and recognition of transgenderism. One consideration of the Trump Administration is not recognizing a person’s preferred gender if it is contrary to the sex with which they were born. Chow is a Christian and does not support the resolution. Instead of voting against the resolution, she decided to abstain. She later elaborated on her decision.

Her choice has not been well received.

CEO forced to resign for donating $1,000 to the campaign against gay marriage in CA…SIX years ago

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons

Less than two weeks after becoming the CEO of Mozilla, the software company who supports the Firefox web browser, Brendan Eich has stepped down after a backlash in regards to his opposition to same-sex marriage and financial support he gave to support Proposition 8 in California in 2008.

So to recap: a guy donates a whole thousand dollars to support something he believes in, and six years later, he becomes a CEO, and has to be destroyed because of it. It is an opinion that an independent citizen has!