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One senator blocks bill protecting born-alive babies in failed abortions

We’re continuing to see how radical the democratic party and the pro-choice movement are getting on abortion. They keep denying how radical they are. Two weeks ago, it was the late term abortion ban in New York. People argued that it wasn’t really all that radical. It was a law that was strictly meant to provide late term abortions just in situations where it was medically necessary (which was already legal in New York), and that the only reason a person would even have a late term abortion would be situations where it was medically necessary.

Then why change the law when it was already legal? The new law was an expansion of abortion protections that has a wider scope than many wanted to acknowledge. The new law broadened circumstances when late term abortion was legal to vaguely include “health,” which was not necessarily merely referring to a life-saving procedure.

Eric Cantor’s humiliating defeat


Eric Cantor lost today. Pretty remarkable given his name recognition, given the fact that he is the house majority leader, given the fact that the congressional system is already setup to benefit incumbents, given the fact that he had the GOP machine backing him, given the fact that he outspent his challenger 5:1. Yet, he lost. And that’s wonderful. Because like so many of the other republicans in congress, Cantor is a disaster. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and on and on. All of them are a bunch of big government, big spending RINO’s. All of them have been weak at standing up to Obama in terms of spending, in terms of him exceeding his power and working around congress to push his agenda. They all play political games while the country is driven further into the ground by an ever expanding and bloated federal government.