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Continuing dialogue on the death of American missionary

Much has been said about John Chau, the American missionary who lost his life when trying to approach the Sentinelese tribe, who live on a remote island off the coast of India. There are different […]

Religious freedom laws and common sense

Arkansas looks poised to sign a religious freedom act into law. Time will tell what the reaction will be.

In response to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, there has been a severe backlash in the last several days. Conventions and businesses are talking about leaving the state. Other states are boycotting Indiana. First it was Connecticut, then Washington, and now New York. Non-essential government business to Indiana is currently not being funded by these states because Indiana’s governor signed a law allowing for religious freedom of businesses.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo issued his executive order (because funding trips to Indiana is so unacceptable), and yet Cuomo still has a trip to Cuba scheduled, a communist country where same sex marriage is illegal!

The time I was pulled over by the highway patrolman and his dog

I was driving back home to Illinois last night and was driving on the interstate in northwest Indiana. Suddenly, I see blue and red flashing lights. I think “Seriously? I’m not speeding. Do I have a tale light out?”

It wasn’t the first time I’d ever been pulled over. At first, it didn’t strike me as odd.
Officer: Do you have any weapons or illegal drugs?
Me: No
Officer: Where are you coming from?
Me: West Lafayette
Officer: Where?
Me: (louder) West Lafayette
Officer: Can I see your license?