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Incredible story: 13 year-old Jayme Closs escapes abductor, finds help 3 months after parents murdered

I’ve read autobiographies of people who have survived the Holocaust and escaped form North Korea. They’re harrowing stories. They’re heartbreaking stories.

But in another sense, they’re inspiring stories, because in them, you see the triumph of the human spirit. They’re inspiring because you see what people are capable of and what true toughness and grit looks like.

Purdue super fan Tyler Trent passes away

We don’t control the cards we’re dealt. All we can do is play what we have.

Tyler Trent passed away on Tuesday.

The Purdue student had battled a rare form of bone cancer. He had become a sensation in college football and Big Ten circles as being someone the Purdue football team rallied around this season. The hashtag #TylerStrong went viral.

He inspired and encouraged people. He raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research. He wrote a book that he’d never be able to see completed, but which will also continue to raise money for cancer research.

Tyler was also outspoken about the importance of his faith.

In 2017, Tyler’s cancer returned and he began to pray that God would use this journey for His glory.”

As I think about the impact he had over the last few months, it’s clear that this prayers was answered.

In an interview with Today, Tyler said: “Waking up day to day is like winning a lottery…I try to rely on my faith in Jesus Christ and figure out how to have a good day.”

As his battle continued, Tyler took to Twitter numerous time to glorify God.