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March Madness: one champion, but many winners

It’s the start of one of the most beloved traditions in the American sports calendar: March Madness. We’re a little bit past the midpoint of the first day. There have already been some upsets. Many […]

March Madness 2014 – My bracket

my bracket

I know it could be said of any year’s tournament, but this season’s field is wide open. It’s interesting how many people have picked Michigan State and Louisville in the Final Four, both as 4 seeds.

Of the 1 seeds, Florida seems to be the most complete team. While Wichita State made a great run to the Final Four last year, they have played a horrible schedule this year. That’s not to say that they’re not good, but they’re not going to surprise anyone this year. They have a potentially tough second round matchup with Kentucky. While Kentucky has struggled this year, they’re an extremely talented team.