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Ohio State dominates Wolverines in “The Game”

Easily their best game since USC last year, but this game reminds me more of the 2014 Wisconsin game. Playing a good team, playing as an underdog, and just imposing their will. Dominating the game […]

The one game season: and OSU football 2012

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’ve never made excuses for Ohio State’s rules violations in 2010. Tressel needed to be out when everything came to light. The players who broke the rules were allowed to play in the 2011 Sugar Bowl after it had been known that they had sold memorabilia. Their suspensions were moved to the beginning ofthe 2011 season. Some of the players had suspensions increased for additional violations. Terrelle Pryor left the program. For the other players, they served their suspensions and returned to the field. They were able to play in last year’s bowl against Florida.

Sexually assaulted rower undeterred for good cause


I read about this in the Chicago Sun-Times

Jenn Gibbons, a 27 year old Chicago woman, who’s rowing 1,500 miles along the entire coast of Lake Michigan in an effort to raise money for breast cancer had made a point of using a blog to keep supporters aware of her journey. Earlier this week, a man used this transparency against her when he estimated Gibbons’ whereabouts. In the evening, with the rower asleep in the cabin of her boat, the man broke in and sexually assulted her.

Million dollar lotto winner on welfare: why I don’t blame her

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

A 25 year old Detroit area woman was receiving food stamps despite the fact that she had won $1 million on a state lottery game show.

Amanda Clayton is being charged for fraud after receiving $5,475 worth of food stamps and medical coverage from the period between her lottery win in September 2011 and last month. If convicted, she could potentially face up to four years in prison.