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The cost of becoming famous


In an international incident, three UCLA basketball players were detained in China for stealing sunglasses. One of them was LiAngelo Ball, younger brother of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. The Ball family has come to prominence in the world of sporting news in large part due to the outspoken patriarch of the family: LaVar.

This week, the family announced that LaVar has pulled LiAngelo out of school (which is still confusing how a grown man gets pulled out of school, but it fits the overbearing m.o. of LaVar). As with everything, LaVar has made a spectacle out of the situation. He tried to justify the players, arguing that they weren’t punished further in China, so why should they face consequences now that they’re back here n the United States?

The Ball family has their own reality show called Ball in the Family, which is clearly their attempt to be like the Kardashians (and the two shows are produced by the same group). LaVar is also often times trying to hock products from their Big Baller Brand apparel line. Continue reading “The cost of becoming famous”

LeBron’s historic finals: greatest player of all time

LeBron James – Photo by Keith Allison, Wikimeia commons

No one thought Cleveland would win this series. Golden State had had the winningest season of all time. They had won last year. Cleveland was overmatched, didn’t have the depth. It was the best player in the game (Steph Curry) vs LeBron, who’s past his prime, a shadow of his former greatness.

And the series began as many expected. Golden State up 2-0. Cleveland responded well at home but lost a hard fought game four. The series was effectively over. Many expected the team to roll over. In game 5, without Draymond Green, the Cavs dominated. In game six, with Green back, Cleveland wouldn’t be able to keep up. But the won again. Continue reading “LeBron’s historic finals: greatest player of all time”

The greatness of LeBron

LeBron James - Photo by Keith Allison, Wikimeia commons
LeBron James – Photo by Keith Allison, Wikimeia commons

I wish we would be as critical of our president as we are of LeBron James. LeBron gets criticism for having the wrong facial expression. Nevermind the fact that he lead BOTH teams in scoring, rebounds, and assists. And nevermind he had one of the worst supporting casts in NBA final history up against one of the best teams in NBA history. Commentators talk about how the greats find ways to get it done. Oh do they? How many of these greats were playing with a supporting cast like this? Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson for every title he won (and Dennis Rodman for his last three). All Hall of Famers. People set impossible standards for LeBron and then knock him when he doesn’t reach those heights. Continue reading “The greatness of LeBron”

Happy Cavs fans, and the people angered by the fact that forgiveness exists

LeBron James - Photo by Keith Allison, Wikimeia commons
LeBron James – Photo by Keith Allison, Wikimedia commons

I see some people who are being critical of Cavs fans. Was there a lot of anger and frustration after the decision? Of course. Just like there is a lot of anger in Miami as we see Heat fans burning his jerseys. But you better believe they would welcome him back.

Are the Cavs fans being hypocrites? Continue reading “Happy Cavs fans, and the people angered by the fact that forgiveness exists”