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My birthday: and the story of my first cell phone

Do you remember when you got your first cell phone? I do. For me, it was the same day as my 18th birthday. From how I remember that first cell phone, it weighed roughly seven pounds and it actually had to be carried in a backpack like a Vietnam era communications device. It had to be operated by a hand crank. It was a phone from Virgin Mobile that I had to pay by the minute (25 cents! In today’s economy, it would be like $3 a minute). If you talked more than 10 minutes in a day, the rate dropped to the much more affordable rate of 10 cents a minute.

Less than a year later, I moved away for college and my mother thought that it would be safer for me to have a phone which would have better coverage throughout Ohio and so I received a flip phone. I begrudgingly gave my original cell phone to my younger sister.