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Media treats being pro-life and pro capital punishment as moral paradox

On Wednesday, Alabama passed the most restrictive abortion law in America. On the same day, Alabama also executed a man who was a participant in a grizzly quadruple murder in 1997. It was interesting seeing […]

Couldn’t God just forgive us? Why was the cross necessary?


A person might look at the crucifixion, look at what the Lord did on the cross, and wonder “Why was that the only way? Why was that necessary? Couldn’t God simply forgive us?”
This is an idea I’ve heard from Tim Keller before, and it’s an important idea on having a theology of forgiveness.

Leadership comes in a thousand little moments

In our society, when we talk about “leadership,” I think we often think of a general, leading people into battle, someone who’s decisive. And to be fair, there are obviously times where that’s necessary.

But as I think about leadership, those types of situations can be relatively rare.

To illustrate this point, think about marriage. There are big events in a marriage: the wedding day, the birth of a child, anniversaries. Those are really big moments. And those days can all be great days but that doesn’t mean that the marriage is going to be good.