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Elie Wiesel: 1928-2016

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons @David Shankbone

“It was pitch dark. I could hear only the violin, and it was as though Juliek’s soul were the bow. He was playing his life. The whole of his life was gliding on the strings–his last hopes, his charred past, his extinguished future. He played as he would never play again…When I awoke, in the daylight, I could see Juliek, opposite me, slumped over, dead. Near him lay his violin, smashed, trampled, a strange overwhelming little corpse.”

-Elie Wiesel, “Night”

Holocaust survivor, writer, and peace activity, Elie Wiesel passed away today at the age of 87.

Moving and inspiring: final article from Yale graduate, days before dying in accident

Click here to read “The Opposite of Loneliness” by Marina Keegan

This afternoon, while finding excuses not to read for class, I happened to come across an article which featured the picture of a lovely young woman. I found out that she was a recent Yale graduate who died last week, a mere five days after graduating from the prestigious institution. I read the article, noted what a pity it was, but barely gave it a second thought.

Marina Keegan was riding in a car with her boyfriend in Massachusetts when the young man lost control of the automobile. Keegan died at the scene of the accident, her boyfriend was hospitalized and released shortly after. She had been set to move to New York next month to begin writing for the New Yorker. As an undergraduate, she had been an active force on campus.