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God’s Not Dead: film attaches absurd stereotypes to non-Christians and philosophy professors


I had heard reviews that the movie “God’s Not Dead” was bad (like really bad). For the first 90 minutes, seeing some of the absurd elements of the plot, I was torn between blurting out “Oh come on!” or laughing because it was so bad. I think having a movie about doubt and Christians confronting atheists could have been done well. But there was no depth to the characters. The Christians were unrealistically pious. In showing the lives of the secular characters, they were too heavy-handed in contrasting how messed up they were to how the Christian characters were depicted.

Duck Dynasty: Why are opinions offensive?


We live in a society that is becoming more tolerant about lifestyles but which is also becoming more intolerant about opinions.

I hear people talk about freedom of speech, with the controversy which has been caused by comments from Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson about his views on the immorality of homosexuality. Of course he has every right to say what he said. The counter argument is that “just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you have freedom from consequences.” That is also true.