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Facebook: The social network that changed the world turns 10

Facebook profile Courtesy of Wikimedia. Circa 2005
Facebook profile Courtesy of Wikimedia. Circa 2005

This post is based off of a previous post entitled: Facebook 2004 and Facebook 2011. Seven year anniversary of joining the Social Network. Originally published November 16, 2011.

I can still vividly remember it.

Talking to a friend from high school on AIM, him sending me the link to some obscure site that he had mentioned to me called thefacebook. “BG has it now,” he said, telling me to register.

I was skeptical. thefacebook? What does that even mean, but I followed his prodding and created an account.

That was November 16, 2004, and it was the first day that thefacebook.com was available at Bowling Green. I fell in love with the site instantly. I thought that it was fantastic and amazing. I still have that since of wonder with the site and with the ways in which it has changed our world.