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An oppressive regime and an American college student

Otto Warmbier, a 21 year old student at the University of Virginia, was arrested in January before leaving North Korea for attempting to stealing a political banner. Yesterday, he was officially sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

My initial reaction to this story was “How foolish can a person be to try to steal something?” North Korea might be the most oppressive sovereign nation on earth. Don’t try to steal a souvenir in a totalitarian police state.

Remembrance and reflection: my friend Johnnie

I still remember the first time I ever talked to Johnnie. He was helping plan a philanthropy for his fraternity, and he called me after I had volunteered to do stand up comedy at the event. He was so enthusiastic, that I had a hard time understanding him. Johnnie had never heard my routine before, but he was so excited and complimentary that he made me feel like I was Jerry Seinfeld, or some other famous comedian.

Thoughts and mourning: Bowling Green tragedy

For Bowling Green Greeks and for the BG alumni still connected to the university, I feel that this morning’s tragic news of three sorority sisters dying in a car accident is Bowling Green’s “you remember where you were when” moment.

All day long, my Facebook has been full of fellow Falcon alumni and undergrads expressing their condolences. From talks I’ve had with friends today, it is evident that the sympathy is heartfelt. While it doesn’t mitigate the tragedy, the support and genuine concern from the BGSU community is inspiring.