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One piece of advice for my students: responsibility

You need to start taking responsibility of your life, your decisions, and your faith now.
All of those things matter.
All of those are things where you have a lot of control now.
Yes, you have parents, you have teachers, you have other adults around you who are teaching you.

Never think you’re too young to make a difference

Some of the most significant people in the Bible did great things at very young ages. David was just a young man when he defeated Goliath. It was a young woman who was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Even the twelve disciples would have all been pretty young. They were following a Rabbi. In that culture, they were probably as young as 15 years old (though Peter seems to have been a bit older). And there are many more examples we could find in the Scriptures.

I think teens have a tendency to look at faith as something for older people.

But the reality is that you’re never too young to start developing a relationship with God and making that your own. You’re never too young to serve God. You’re never too young to share the love of Jesus. You’re never too young to stand up for your faith.

That last one can be a hard thing to do. It can be easy to be influenced by our friends. Influenced by kids we perceive as cool. Influenced by the culture. Influenced by people we follow on Instagram and Snap Chat.