The Gospel of John

Gospel of John

Part 1 – The Word
John 1:1-18
August 25, 2019


Jesus is the Lord of creation and new creation. He’s bringing restoration into the world through the gospel and he brings new life into the lives of those who believe in him.

Part 2 – The real Jesus
John 1:1-3
September 1, 2019

The opening verses of the Gospel of John make several powerful affirmations about Jesus: he’s eternal, he exists in fellowship with God, he is God, and he made everything.

Part 3 – And dwelt among us
John 1:1-14
September 8, 2019
The divinity of Jesus is an essential element of his gospel but his humanity is just as important. Jesus is fully God and fully man. In this passage, we see that the Lord of creation entered into creation.

Part 4 – Grace upon grace
Exodus 32-34; John 1:14-18
September 15, 2019


As this passage echoes one of the greatest sins of the Old Testament, we are reminded of the grace of God throughout the Bible, most notably the grace that we receive through Jesus.

Part 5 – The voice in the wilderness
John 1:19-34
September 22, 2019

In this passage, we explore the ministry of John the Baptist, a man who has one purpose: pointing to Jesus.

Part 6 – Come and See
John 1:35-51
September 29, 2019

Jesus meets some of his earliest disciples and we see several significant affirmations made about the Lord. He is the Lamb of God, the Christ, the one to whom the scriptures point, and the Son of God and King of Israel.

Part 7 – Water into Wine
John 2:1-12
October 6, 2019

Jesus performs his first sign which manifests his glory. It’s an odd introduction to a ministry but it’s an important catalyst to the disciples believing in Jesus. He’s the one who turns water into wine, the Lord of the feast, and the bringer of a greater covenant.

Part 8 – Turning the Table
John 2:13-25
October 13, 2019

Part 9 – Reborn
John 3:1-6
October 20; 2019
Jesus is approached by an expert in the law named Nicodemus who has seen his signs. He’s intrigued by Jesus. Jesus tells him that a person must be born again in order to see the kingdom of God.