The Miracles of Jesus

Part 1 – the Divine Healer
Luke 4:16-44
February 26, 2017

Jesus came to heal us physically and Spiritually.

Part 2 – Water into wine
John 2:1-11
March 5, 2017

In this passage, Jesus does the first sign of displaying his glory by turning water into wine.

Part 3 – Calming the storm
Mark 4:35-41
March 12, 2017

The disciples of Jesus face a tremendous storm. They fear for their lives. But Jesus calms this storm. He shows his dominion over nature.

Jesus is with you in the storm.

Part 4 – Walking on water
Matthew 14:22-33
March 19, 2017

Jesus is Lord of the struggle.

The disciples are at sea, struggling against wind and waves. They’ve been there for hours and they’re exhausted. Why were they there? Because Jesus sent them into the water. Jesus does not always lead us down the easiest path. He does always lead us to where we need to go. As fearful as they were, the Lord was not far off.

Part 6 – Sight to the blind
John 9:1-41
April 2, 2017

Jesus came into a blind world to give sight. In this passage, we see powerful metaphors for the Christian experience. Our eyes are opened to the gospel. But once our eyes are opened, that’s not the end of the journey, it’s the beginning, and the rest of life is spent learning how to live as someone who can see.

Part 7 – Life to the dead
John 11:1-53
April 9, 2017

Raising Lazarus from the dead.

Due to a relationship with Jesus, death is not the end. Jesus gives life to the dead. A dear friend of the Lord’s dies, and Jesus raises him from the dead. Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

Note: there’s not a typo, if you noticed there’s no part 5. There was a recording error.