MySpace: Finger lickin’ good

I was checking my emails this morning, and THIS is what I get from Myspace.


Creativity grade: A+

I was overwhelmed by the originality of this email blast pertaining to their new push to get people to use their new mobile app. First I read the subject “Myspace Mobile, it’s what’s for dinner.” And then I open the email and it’s a picture of a table with cell phones on it.

I feel like my response to the “Myspace it’s what’s for dinner” email was about the same as it would have been had I received an email this morning from broccoli saying “Broccoli, I’m what’s for dinner.”

I would have thought, “This is sad. Broccoli is so removed from reality and so completely not relevant.”

In all seriousness, I find it ironic that a company who was once king of social networking but is fading into obscurity would have a subject line that quotes a popular catch phrase from the 90s. It’s one thing that used to matter using another antiquated relic of popular culture.

I argue that a more appropriate email would have been “Myspace: where’s the beef.”

The app basically does the same sort of things that any other social networking site’s app does (it’s just coming after the big boys have already made apps that people, you know, use).

I briefly considered getting the app, but I don’t remember my Myspace password.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that I could easily reset it, but what’s the point? I noticed a change that Myspace made to the layouts. As many people will recall, Myspace pages used to say the date that the person last logged in. They took that down.

Makes sense to get rid of. Myspace probably doesn’t want people to be profile hopping and noticing that no one has logged in in years.

Sad. I thnk a lot of us liked having that “last login” back in 2007 as a badge of honor. And now it’s gone.


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