Facebook ads, starring y-o-u

Facebook announced a new feature called ”sponsored” stories today. Advertisers will have the opportunity to sponsor certain types of responses, such as ”likes” or check-ins from users, and from those responses, they will be able to put these in the right margin as ads.

As an example, let’s say that Target wants to have ads based off of who checks in to Target on Facebook and you check-in at your local Target. That’s something that can be a possible ad.

These ads will only be posted to people who are already your Facebook friends, but they’re doing this without your permission. Many of these same types of posts could just as easily wind up on your Facebook newsfeed and all of the information is information which you have already chosen to put on your Facebook. The company is trying to depict this as being no different from what would post to the news feed, but it IS different. You’re involuntarily going to be put into advertisements that Facebook is getting paid for.

Facebook is trying to make this seem like it is ultimately going to benefit you, the user, however given their history, I’m pretty sure this is actually being done to benefit them. Facebook’s advertising platform does not work. Companies pump money into Facebook and the results are horrible. They are doing whatever they can to spark interest through advertisers, and apparently this includes pimpin out users as unofficial spokesmen for products.


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