Is my family weird for doing this?

I’ve been debating writing about this for awhile. My family has a reunion every year, and to me, it’s always seemed weird.

Here’s the question: if your family has a reunion, is it setup as a meeting?

What I mean is that it is setup like a formal organization meeting. There is an agenda, there are minutes. They always read the minutes from the previous year’s reunion.

There are committees that have budgets, there is a president.

That’s weird, right?

Do other families do that? Or is it just mine?

This was on my mind today, because the annual reunion was today. This event has been going on for decades (of course). I was unable to go to this year’s reunion because I had a prior committment, but it has always been amusing to me to see just how formally this reunion runs.

While I may sound like I’m making fun of it, I will give credit where credit is due. It is run effeciently. I would be very interested in hearing any comments.


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