7 years later – reflections of moving away for college

I don’t really recall what my expectations were for Bowling Green when I moved away for college. It was seven years ago today.

BGSU was the only university I had visited, the only school I had applied to, and my decision had been based entirely around the fact that I wanted to leave Columbus and study journalism and I knew that I would be able to write for the newspaper as a freshman. Although in the weeks leading up to me leaving for college, I had decided journalism wasn’t what I wanted to do (but I did still write for the newspaper for three years).
I’m a very different person now than I was then. I honestly have no idea what the 18 year old version of me would think of me now.
I struggled a lot at first; I had always managed to get decent grades in high school without really having to try, but college was different. Looking back, I doubt most of those 100 level classes in which I struggled were even that intellectually rigorous, I just had no idea how to take a college class.
Like many freshman, I would come home whenever I had the opportunity, I procrastinated with my work, and my grades suffered. After that first semester, I was sincerely considering leaving Bowling Green and trying to enroll elsewhere.
It wasn’t until my second semester that I had my first taste of Greek Life. That experience made me feel like I was truly a part of the university. For me and the rest of my time at Bowling Green, the rest was history.
So I sit back and think to those first few moments of freshman orientation, meeting guys on my floor – all clueless about college and being away from home – having to go to residence hall meetings and the same conversation upon meeting everyone Where are you from? What’s your major?
I still talk to some of the guys who lived on my floor freshman year. Three of them are fraternity brothers of mine.
I love Bowling Green. It will always be a special place for me and a part of me. In the next week, a new class of Falcons will leave for school and if they can have half of the experience I had, I know that their lives will have been truly enriched.
I haven’t been back to Bowling Green in almost a year – last homecoming – and I doubt that I will find my way back until this year’s homecoming, but every time I return, and as I turn from I-75 onto Wooster Street, and I see the Offenhauer Towers in the distance, for a moment, I’m taken back to when I first arrived and everything in BG was new.

So again, I return to the beginning of this post. I don’t remember what my expectations were on the days leading up to the beginning of my undergraduate life, but I don’t think it matters anyway. For me, the experience I had exceeds anything I could have ever imagined for what BG would become in my life.
Roll Along!