Thoughts on Turning 26

I haven’t spent too much time thinking about my birthday this year. Certainly a far cry from a year ago, when I had what could be called a quarter life crisis in anticipation for my 25th birthday.

25 was a really difficult age for me to turn. When you’re 25, you can no longer pretend that you’re still in your early twenties.

25 years old…That’s like. An adult.

In many ways, the last year was the most difficult year of my entire life. One constant setback after another, but looking back on the last 12 months, I know that I would not be the person that I am right now had I not struggled so much this last year, and I’m happier now than I have been in a very long time.

On my birthday last year, I posted a list of 30 goals that I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30. A year later, 29 of those goals remain not yet reached. But I did accomplish the most important of the 30, and with that 1 thing out of the way, the order in which things on a list comes together doesn’t realy matter to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I certainly do have things which I would like to accomplish in this next year, next five years, 10 years, etc. In fact, I have a number of very specific goals which I want to accomplish. Goals which I am working towards even now, but it is not yet the right time to discuss those future plans.

I’m sure that this day will be greeted with calls, and text messages, Facebook wall posts, and Tweets wishing me a happy birthday. I sincerely do appreciate that people take the time to think of me, but I am trying to treat 26 as just a normal day.

I’m excited to no longer be 25. To put this last year behind me.

It’s amazing, how just five years ago, I was so excited to be turning 21, to finally be legal. For the last several birthdays, I was preoccupied with which bar I would be going to so that I could “ring in the new year.” But those activities don’t matter to me anymore. I’m happier because of it.

Here’s to a great next year.


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