Alabama – LSU: Great Example of Why College Football Doesn’t Need Playoff

I’m sitting and watching the Alabama and LSU football game. What a game it has been! It’s currently halftime, and this game has lived up to all of the hype that it has generated over the past few weeks.

These appear to be the two best teams in the country, and they’re playing in November. This is a game that will have direct implications on the national championship game.

It’s also a game that reminds me why I think college football is fine without a playoff system.

No other sport has games of this magnitude played during the regular season. Every week is a playoff in college football. Sure if playoffs did exist in the FBS, this game would still be exciting, but it wouldn’t have the same significance. How could it? If there were a playoff, we would know that both of these teams would be going. This game wouldn’t have the same “play like there’s no tomorrow” atmosphere. It wouldn’t be viewed in the light of being a national semifinal.

Whoever wins this evening will control their own destiny to make it to the national championship game. But the beauty of it is that the winner still has to keep winning. Through the rest of conference play and into the SEC Championship Game, the winner must remain sharp, because a loss could knock tonight’s champion out of the mix. Again, every week is a playoff.

Don’t get me wrong. A playoff would be fun for a couple weeks, but it simply wouldn’t be the same as a season long pursuit of making it to the national championship game.

Over the next couple weeks, absolutely unwatchable college basketball games will start. March Maddness is great, but all of the good teams are going to be in the Dance. With college football, for the gratification of a couple good weeks at the end of the season is not worth sacrifycing a great regular season.

As for this game, tied at 3 at the half, I see LSU making the necessary adjustments and have a little bit mroe success on offense in the second half, and pull out the win.