Reaction to NCAA sanctions against Ohio State

I have been critical of the way in which Ohio State handled the tatoo scandal, and I said that Tressel needed to resign a month before he actually did it, so I’m not one to give the Bucks a free pass. That being said, I feel that giving the team a bowl ban for next season is an excessive penalty. The guilty players were caught while still in school and were severely punished for what they did.

Pryor ended up being excused from the program and Tressel lost his job. The other guilty players still were penalized this season. They were allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl at the beginning of this year because the NCAA didn’t want to take that from them.

Those same players will also be able to play in the Gator Bowl in a couple of weeks. But next year, players who didn’t break the rules get punished. I find that to be absurd. How do you punish the future when players in the present have already received their punishments and are still in the program? Why must the NCAA continue to be arbitrary?