Josh Hamilton relapse

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has had a very public battle with alcohol and drug abuse. Over the last couple of seasons, Hamilton has sobered up. The result has been the former number one overall draft pick becoming one of the best players in the game while leading the Rangers to back to back World Series appearances.
Through his play on the field and his faith, Hamilton’s quest for sobriety has been an inspiration to many.&
In a Friday afternoon press conference, Hamilton acknowledged that he had suffered through a relapse. He apologized to the team, to the fans, and to people who look at him as a role model (including recovering alcoholics/drug addicts).
I was troubled when I heard that he had suffered a relapse. Not because of negative affects it can have on his baseball career. I don’t really care about that. I was troubled for the negative consequences that it can have on the man’s life. 
Hamilton said he went to a bar and had a few drinks. I realize that for the vast majority of people, a few drinks wouldn’t be a big deal. But for someone whose had such powerful struggles with addiction, Hamilton cannot afford to be lackadaisical with his sobriety.
I truly do wish Hamilton luck as he continues to pursue sobriety. 

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