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A few weeks ago, I interviewed for and was later offered the position as Director of Student Ministries for Faith Presbyterian Church in McHenry, Illinois. I’m very excited to have this opportunity. Everyone at Faith has already been so welcoming and encouraging. I’ll still be a full time graduate student at Trinity. My primary responsibilities will be overseeing the church’s youth group with middle and high school students, but it’ll include other opportunities, such as occasionally preaching. My first official day in this position will be this upcoming Sunday.

It’ll be the second time I’ve served in this type of capacity, but with more life experience and more formal theological education now than then, I’m really looking forward to working with these students. Early in the semester, I had decided to start looking for a position within a church, and after having a few conversations, I knew I was interested in joining this church.


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  1. That’s sounds like a great opportunity Josh! I hope you enjoy it and that your car lasts throughout the commute from work to school and back again. It’s good to be doing something you like. I also agree that, while opinions may be offensive, it is more offensive to shut people up for voicing them. I think reality shows and Twitter are stupid things filled with actions and opinions from people I would never have been subjected to if those forums didn’t exist and that’s why I avoid them as much as possible as is my choice and freedom. I don’t care about Miley’s shenanigans–there will always be somebody else coming down the pike who offends people and then those offended people seek to punish instead of just moving on with their lives. So many people have the pointless need to get bent out of shape by things that don’t matter. I think the talking heads on FOX news make money by spewing hatred into the world, but I have better things to do than listen to their unimportant bloviations. Or what rich bearded duckheads have to say.

    • Thanks Mike. I’m very excited. And I agree, a lot of people spew opinions and it’s like “who cares? Who’s this person?”

      I appreciate you commenting. I hope you’ve been well and that you have a happy new year. Looking to visit next when Mel gets back. How ’bout those lions?

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