Thoughts on Virginia shooting

Woke up this morning to a news update about a reporter shot live on the air.

I thought maybe it was in a dangerous area or a hostile story. It wasn’t. It was in Virginia and it was a tourism piece on a morning show.

My mind has been on this story all day. There are murders everyday and every one of them is a tragedy. For the young woman who died, Alison Parker, her last moments on earth are now on display for the whole world to see, forever. Before the shots were fired,still images of Parker show a young woman who still had her whole life ahead of her. In an instant, someone took that life from her, and took her from her friends and family, senselessly.

I think of the cameraman: Adam Ward. He was engaged to the morning show producer who was watching live. Two people killed in cold blood, shot at point blank range.

The shooter, a disgruntled former employee posted a video that he took. I watched it, not sure what to expect. I was shaking at the end. He walks up, preparing to ambush the two. The reporter and the woman she’s interviewing are focused on the interview and don’t look to the shooter. He actually points the gun at Parker before putting it down. The cameraman has no idea he’s moments away from his own death. He’s panning around to take in scenic images of the area. I think that’s why the shooter hesitated. He wanted the news cameraman to have the camera back on Parker.

In my mind, I keep hearing Alison’s screams. She turned and ran for her life. Those are her last moments. Frantically doing whatever she could to get away from the gunfire.

Rest in peace Alison and Adam.


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