Greatest quarterback, greatest coach, greatest Super Bowl 

Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall
I don’t care about the New England Patriots. But I do appreciate greatness. And Tom Brady showed tonight why he is the best quarterback of all time. There’s not even a legitimate debate. The only thing the Joe Montana camp has is the terrible argument “well he never lost a Super Bowl.” 

So? He had fewer teams who were good enough to MAKE it to the Super Bowl. 

It’s a team sport, but New England won because of Brady, and his will to win. Fifth Super Bowl. He cut up Atlanta with surgical precision the last quarter and a half, and into overtime. 

When New England was down 28-3, it didn’t seem possible. A team had never come back from more than 10 points in a Super Bowl, and it seemed too late in the game. But Brady was on a mission. No quarterback has ever led a team back on that stage the way Brady did tonight. 

Not only did New England have all of the momentum going into overtime, they had had the ball so much of the second half that they were dominating the time of possession, and I didn’t think Atlanta’s defense was going to be able to hold up after having been on the field for 13 more minutes than the the Patriots. 

I know some people will complain about NFL overtime rules. It’s not a good point. Teams could vote to change the rules if they wanted. And they don’t. Atlanta had one job when New England won the coin toss: do not let them score a touchdown. And instead they got gouged again by the Patriots. 

This went from the most underwhelming Super Bowl to the greatest Super Bowl of all time in the second half.