Eclipsalypse Now

Is anyone else so psyched out about the solar eclipse tomorrow that you’re basically afraid to look out the window or else you’ll instantly be blinded and die?

When I was a kid, there was an eclipse, and we had to have inside recess that day. Feel like this implicitly gave us the message “the eclipse should be feared!”

My mental image of the outside during the eclipse is some sort of post-apocayliptic scene in a futuristic science fiction movie.

Everyone is asking about these special glasses. Is it even enjoyable to see the eclipse through those? It can’t be. Can it?

The articles always remind you “don’t look at the sun.” Which is something you shouldn’t do anyway, but, I don’t know, when I keep getting told not to do it, it kind of makes me want to. And I know, some guy hurt his eyes like 60 years ago. But was he the only person who looked up that fateful day for a glance?

Also I’m hearing people should keep pets inside so the pets don’t look up. But what about wild animals? Will birds just be falling out of the sky?


ps, don’t look at the sun.