What baseball can teach us about life

The second half of the 2019 baseball season starts today. Between now and late September, the regular season will feature over 1,000 games.

One ting I love about baseball is that no matter how good or bad today’s game went, tomorrow is a new day.

In baseball, you can get absolutely trounced one day. Pitching can be terrible, hitting can be terrible, you can lose by 15 runs. Just a disaster of a game. But no matter how badly you might lose today, tomorrow is a new day and a new game.

Conversely, no matter how much you dominate today, you could hit 4 home runs, pitch a no hitter, have a walk off home run, everything can be clicking, but tomorrow is still a new day and you need to do it again. You can’t just rest on yesterday.

In baseball and in life, no matter how good or how bad you were yesterday, today is a new day.

Some days will feel like a 15 run loss. Just nothing goes right. We all have days like those. Don’t dwell on those days. Just go back out tomorrow and keep grinding.  Not everyday will be a win. But I think our temptation is to let ourselves be defined by yesterday and by recent history. Work on doing what you can to win today.

Baseball is a long season. 162 games. Even great baseball teams still lose roughly a third of their games. That’s a lot of days in the course of a season that don’t go the way you want. What matters is consistency. Are you consistently winning or consistently losing?

Play ball. Go Tribe!

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Josh Benner has a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has served churches in Minnesota and Illinois. He enjoys writing about faith and culture. He lives with his wife Kari in St. Louis.